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Values data reverts in Compatibilty mode in Infinispan 8.0.0Beta3


      1) The owners of the keys are Node1 and Node4
      0911 10:56:56,552 TRACE [org.infinispan.interceptors.distribution.TxDistributionInterceptor] [remote-thread-0] (TxDistributionInterceptor.java:362) - Not doing a remote get for key 1029 since entry is mapped to current node (blrsrv42-19390), or is in L1. Owners are [blrsrv29-4565, blrsrv42-19390]

      2. The request for update came to Node2 a non-owner.
      0911 10:56:56,388 TRACE [org.infinispan.statetransfer.StateTransferInterceptor] [HotRodServerWorker-2] (StateTransferInterceptor.java:203) - handleNonTxWriteCommand for command ReplaceCommand{key=1029, oldValue=TestData

      {id=1029, field1=XXXXXX}

      , newValue=TestData

      {id=1029, field1=cyyy}

      , metadata=EmbeddedMetadata{version=NumericVersion{version=844433520066561}}, flags=[OPERATION_HOTROD], successful=true, valueMatcher=MATCH_EXPECTED}

      3. The updates are happening in Node1 and overwritten again with old data present in OOB Thread. Because of which the Node1, reverts back to the old data.

      4. While doing a get from Node 1 we again receive the old value

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