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Memory is pre-allocated when enable eviction, and it may cause OOM even if there is no entry stored in cache.



      I am considering to use Infinispan as a single cache in my project, and I met a memory problem when I enabled eviction. Memory is pre-allocated according to the maxEntries you set even if no entry is stored in that cache!

      This is really a critical issue, since most time you are not sure how many entries you are going to store in the cache, you set a maxEntries to avoid OOME, but now, when you set maxEntries, memory will be pre-allocated no matter you are going to use it or not!

      Ehcache used to have this kind of problem too, but they solved it DEV-9437.

      Step to reproduce:
      1) Enable eviction on config
      2) Set maxEntries to a big number, like 100000
      3) Create 100 caches using the default config
      You will see OOM or big usage of memory.

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