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Cluster breaks after a MergeView is issued


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    • 4.1.0.ALPHA3, 4.1.0.Final
    • 4.0.0.Final, 4.1.0.ALPHA2
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      • Start 2 demos (Infinispan 4.1 alpha2) with runGuiDemo.sh
      • Insert test=1 into A, you'll see it in B as well (numOwners=2)
      • Insert test=2 in B, you'll see it in A as well
      • Pull the plug on A (or B, doesn't matter)
      • Wait until both A and B are in their own clusters
      • Reinsert the plug
      • Insert test=3 in A: this won't get distributed to B !
      • Generate 50 random keys and values in either A or B: they won't
        get distributed to the other node !

      As a matter of fact, nothing gets distributed anymore after pulling the plug !

      Instead of pulling the plug, you can also uncomment <DISCARD.../> in jgroups-udp.xml and mimick a partition and subsequent merge this way, same effect.

      Using only JGroups (e.g. Draw), this works fine.

            manik_jira Manik Surtani (Inactive)
            manik_jira Manik Surtani (Inactive)
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