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ActivationInterceptor on get always deletes store contents


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      The activation interceptor when doing manual eviction always removes the entry from the loader on a get. This is done even if the entry is in the data container.

      Now this is fine for a single invocation. However if a concurrent evict command comes on a different thread you can get in a state where the data is neither in the dc or loader defeating the purpose of Passivation.

      The following describes this scenario

      t1 -> calls get retrieves value from context (dc)
      t2 -> calls evict retrieves value from context (dc)
      t2 -> passivates entry (writes entry to loader)
      t1 -> activates entry (removes entry from loader)
      t2 -> removes entry from dc

      Note this doesn't affect size based eviction.

            wburns@redhat.com Will Burns
            wburns@redhat.com Will Burns
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