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Data loss when entry forwarding to primary owner and primary owner shutdown


      Looks like a problem in entry forwarding.

      Here is test scenario:

      • DIST numOwners=2, start with 4 nodes cluster then normal shutdown 1 node during load
      • HotRod putIfAbsent accesses from 40 threads (1 process, 1 remote cache instance), 40000 entries total

      After the test run, the numberOfEntries on each node are:

      • node1: 26608
      • node2: 26622
      • node3: 26746
      • node4: 0

      Total is 79976 and HotRod client received 11 errors, so 79976 + (11 * 2) = 79998. It means 1 entry is completely missing.

      Let's take a look at the missing entry, hash(thread16key59) = 574ff563.

      Current CH: owners(574ff563) are [node4, node1]

      The events sequence is:

      • hotrod -> node1
      • node1 forwarding it to primary owner node4
      • node4 doesn't process the forwarded entry, shutdown

      Result owners(7c29bccb) is [] empty. This entry is completely lost without any errors.

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