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CDI Cache interceptor tests are failing while running in EAP container



      While migration of the CDI related tests to work under EAP container (at the moment using 6.0.GA), it was found that the tests related to interceptors are failing. The issue relates to

      org.infinispan.cdi.test.interceptor.CachePutInterceptorTest, org.infinispan.cdi.test.interceptor.CacheRemoveAllInterceptorTest, org.infinispan.cdi.test.interceptor.CacheRemoveInterceptorTest, org.infinispan.cdi.test.interceptor.CacheResultInterceptorTest.

      The failure relates to assertions. The thing is that all actions which are done using javax.cache.cache-api annotations, work properly (I've added some logs e.g. in CachePutInterceptor, and it shows that the data is put to the cache properly).

      But later when the test wants to verify that the data is really put to the data, retrieves the cache from the injected CacheContainer, the cache is empty - the data is not there.

      The issue appeared since the latest changes to the Infinispan-CDI module, and split to infinispan-jcache module. For the previous version, the tests are passed under EAP container.

      The example above was given for the CachePutInterceptorTest, but the same refers to the rest of them.

      The git repo for the sources, will be provided later.

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