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DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest fails randomly


      DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest fails (pretty rarely) with this exception:

      09:29:51,069 ERROR (testng-DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest:) [UnitTestTestNGListener] Test testAtomicPutIfAbsentFromNonOwner(org.infinispan.distribution.DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest) failed.
      	at org.infinispan.distribution.DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest.testAtomicPutIfAbsentFromNonOwner(DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest.java:293)

      What happens is that at the end of the previous test there is a get() that goes remotely, and one of the ClusteredGetCommands (to node C) is delayed. The test framework then clears the cache store and the data container on node C, but the get command already had the entry in its context and will write it to the data container when it finishes executing, so that the data container is not empty when testAtomicPutIfAbsentFromNonOwner starts.

      09:29:51,033 TRACE (OOB-1,ISPN,NodeC-33167:) [CommandAwareRpcDispatcher] Attempting to execute command: ClusteredGetCommand{key=k2, flags=null} [sender=NodeB-52644]
      09:29:51,062 TRACE (testng-DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest:) [DummyInMemoryCacheStore] Clear store
      09:29:51,062 DEBUG (testng-DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest:) [TestingUtil] Cleaning data for cache 'dist' on a cache manager at address NodeC-33167
      09:29:51,065 DEBUG (testng-DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest:) [TestingUtil] removeInMemoryData(): dataContainerBefore == []
      09:29:51,062 TRACE (OOB-1,ISPN,NodeC-33167:dist) [ReadCommittedEntry] Updating entry (key=k2 removed=false valid=true changed=true created=false value=value2]
      09:29:51,065 TRACE (OOB-1,ISPN,NodeC-33167:dist) [EntryWrappingInterceptor] Committed entry ReadCommittedEntry(64d90a46){key=k2, value=value2, oldValue=null, isCreated=false, isChanged=false, isRemoved=false, isValid=true}
      09:29:51,065 DEBUG (testng-DistSyncCacheStoreNotSharedTest:) [TestingUtil] removeInMemoryData(): dataContainerAfter == []

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