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RemoveCommand.value not marshalled


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      The way Marshaller implementations such as HorizonMarshaller deal with ReplicableCommands is this way:

      To marshall, getParameters and marshall them.
      To unmarshall, unmarshall parameters and call setParameters()

      Now, RemoveCommand extends AbstractDataCommand but also adds a new instance variable for situations
      where it needs to remove entry for key only if currently mapped to given value.

      protected Object value;

      However, RemoveCommand does not override getParameters()/setParameters to pass the value over the
      wire and neither it reads it from the wire. Is this intentional? Maybe the comparison is done already before the
      command itself and hence it does not need to be marshalled accross.

      Mircea, could you clarify?

            rh-ee-galder Galder ZamarreƱo
            rh-ee-galder Galder ZamarreƱo
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