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Cache entry not evicted from memory on IBM JDK when another entry was loaded from a cache loader and maxEntries had been reached


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      This behavior is specific to IBM JDK (I tried JDK6 and 7), it works fine with Java HotSpot.

      Steps to reproduce the problem:

      1) set maxEntries for eviction to 2 and algorithm e.g. to LRU
      2) store 3 entries key1, key2, key3 to the cache (after that you can see that the cache contains only 2 entries - key2 and key3, the first one was evicted from memory)
      3) call cache.get("key1")
      4) PROBLEM - cache contains all key1, key2, key3 even though it should contain only 2 entries - only happens with IBM JDK (6 or 7 ..no matter)

      I'll shortly issue a pull request with a test to ispn-core

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