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Marshalling code to provide more helpful stacktraces


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    • Fix Version/s: 4.0.0.BETA2
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      Try to make marshaller code more friendly so that more helpful stacktraces are presented. Example: http://pastie.org/580184

      IRC chat with Manik:
      <manik> galderz ping
      <galderz> hi manik
      <manik> hi there
      <manik> any chance of wrapping up the marshaller code to provide more helpful stack traces?
      <galderz> yeah, why not?
      <galderz> any suggestion in particular?
      <manik> e.g.
      <manik> http://pastie.org/580184
      <manik> doesn't tell me what it is trying to marshall when it fails
      <manik> So it's kinda hard for me to locate where the problem is
      <galderz> right, ic ur point
      <galderz> let me create a jira for this
      <manik> well, its clearly trying to read a stream and something should be logged on the sender (or any generator of that stream) so we can trace what it is
      <galderz> we have to be careful about what we log since this code is used v heavily
      <galderz> i'll investigate this further

      • clebert1 (n=clebert@cpe-70-112-88-39.austin.res.rr.com) has joined #infinispan
        <galderz> wrt the exception, there's something in the SuccessfulResponse sent back that the requester doesn't know what it is

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