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Nodes stopping can be merged without a reduced view being installed


      The attached log is showing a test failure because a view is not stablished with the two remaining nodes:

      2011-09-14 13:01:15,124 ERROR (testng-TopologyInfoBroadcastTest) [org.infinispan.test.fwk.UnitTestTestNGListener] Method 
      testNodeLeaves(org.infinispan.distribution.topologyaware.TopologyInfoBroadcastTest) threw an exception
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Timed out before caches had complete views.  Expected 2 members in each view.  Views are as follows: 
      [[TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeA-20211(s0), TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeB-32215(s1), TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeC-36650(s2)], 
      [TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeA-20211(s0), TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeB-32215(s1), TopologyInfoBroadcastTest-NodeC-36650(s2)]]

      Having glanced some TRACE logs captured by Dan, it would appear that as NodeB is shutting down, TEST_PING finds it as a sole cluster member and finds another cluster formed of NodeA,NodeC, leading to a merge. This is somehow stopping a correct 2-node view being installed.

      Needs further investigation

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            rh-ee-galder Galder Zamarreño
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