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Reduce number of locks and buckets generated by BucketBasedCacheStore


      The current implementation of FileCacheStore creates one bucket and lock for each hash key - which results in up to 4.2 billion files (2^32).

      It should limit the number of files to
      a) improve performance of purge
      b) reduce number of open file handles (system resources)
      c) reduce number of Java objects/heap (JVM resources)
      d) improve performance

      The implementation allows us to do so.

      Only 4 lines of code are necessary in BucketBasedCacheStore implementation:

         private int hashKeyMask = 0xfffffc00; // TODO should get a configuration entry
         protected Integer getLockFromKey(Object key) {
            return Integer.valueOf(key.hashCode() & hashKeyMask);

      This reduces the number of files to 2^22 = 4,194,304 files. Since each application and each cache store has different semantics the hasKeyMask value should be configurable - best would be to configure the number of bits.

      Side effect: If someone changes the FileCacheStore hasKeyMask, the whole cache store becomes unuseable. So I opened another enhancement ...

      Note: This implementation should be used in a different class (e.g. extend FileCacheStore) because it makes existing file cache stores unusable.

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