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Soft schema-based storage


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      This JIRA is about storing metadata alongside values. Perhaps encapsulating values as SchematicValues, which could be described as:

        class SchematicValue {
          String jsonMetadata;
          String jsonObject;

      Metadata would allow for a few interesting features:

      • Extracting of lifespan and timestamp data if manipulated over a remote protocol (REST, HotRod, etc)
      • Content type for REST responses
      • Timestamps and SHA-1 hashes, useful for for HTTP headers (e.g., ETag, Cache-control, etc.)
      • Validation information (may not be processed by Infinispan, but can be used by client libs)
      • Classloader/marshaller/classdef version info
      • General structure of the information stored
      • Reference to the schema for this document
      • Storage of older versions

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