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HotRod decoder small performance improvements



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      I noticed some small inefficiencies in the flight recordings from the client-server dist read benchmarks:

      • Intrinsics.string() allocates a temporary byte[], we could use ByteBuf.toString(start, length, Charset) instead (which reuses a thread-local buffer).
      • For reading the cache name it would be even better to use ByteString and avoid the UTF8 decoding.
      • MediaType.hashCode() allocates an iterator for the params map even though it's empty.
      • JBossMarshallingTranscoder.transcode() is called twice for each requests, and even when there is no transcoding to perform it does a lot of String.equals() checks.
      • CacheImpl.getCacheEntryAsync() allocates a new CompletableFuture via applyThen() just to change the return type, could do the same thing by casting to the erased type.
      • EncoderCache.getCacheEntryAsync() could also avoid allocating a CompletableFuture when the read was synchronous.
      • Encoder2x is stateless, and yet a new instance is created for each request.
      • Encoder2x.writeHeader() looks up the cache info a second time, as most requests needed that info to execute the operation, plus one useless (I think) String.equals() check for the counter cache.

      There are also a few issues with the benchmark itself:

      • The load stage took less than 3 mins according to the logs, but flight recordings show {{PutKeyValueCommand}}s being executed at least 1 minute after the end of the load phase.
      • Either RadarGun or FlightRecorder itself is doing lots of JMX calls that throw exceptions constantly through the benchmark, allocating lots of StackTraceElement instances.
      • Finally, the cluster is unstable, and some nodes are excluded even though the network seems to be fine and GC pauses are quite small.




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            dberinde@redhat.com Dan Berindei
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