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Hash-aware view update causing lock ups in Hot Rod


      When encoding a Hot Rod response, if the encoder discovers that the client has an old view, it decides that a new topology needs to be sent to the client. Now, when building this view in distributed caches, the encoder checks whether in the new view, any of the nodes hash ids has changed, and if so, it sends a cluster wide replace with the view containing the new hash ids.

      This seems to cause some deadlocks as shown in JBPAPP-6113 where one node is timing to send the replace to other node, and another node is timing out doing the same. This needs further thinking but have some ideas in mind...

      On top of that, it appears that a failure here is causing problems the requests after that, so some thinking needs to be done to see if that replace() call can be moved out of there...

            rh-ee-galder Galder ZamarreƱo
            rh-ee-galder Galder ZamarreƱo
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