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Azure VNet and Subnet discovery


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    • OCPSTRAT-996 - Allow internal registry operator to configure a private storage endpoint on Azure
    • Sprint 235, Sprint 242, Sprint 243, Sprint 244

      The registry operator requires VNet and Subnet names to create a private endpoint in Azure.

      OpenShift clusters do not have a standardized way to provide this information to core components, and while some components do need this information to create their own resources, the solution they use is very specific to their problem (the example I have is setting up the cluster's ELB on AWS, code is here) and does not apply to the registry.

      The problem scope also needs to be defined in order for us to make a decision about how to discover vnet and subnet in Azure.
      More specifically: do we need to support discoverability for running clusters, or is it enough to support discoverability only during install/bootstrap time? If only the latter is needed, then the solution will be much simpler and only involve cooperation with the installer team to find a way to make this happen, and execute it. Supporting this for running clusters is a whole epic in and of itself.
      This needs to be confirmed with PM.

      UPDATE 1: confirmed with PM that it's good enough to get this at install time, and document what needs to be done if users change their vnet/subnets day-2.

      UPDATE 2: the installer team has given us some suggestions about how to go about this, everyone's favorite suggestion is to look for subnets with a "shared" tag. This is not currently done by the installer on Azure. A story (linked to this jira) has been created to cover that work.


      • Create follow-up story in Jira describing the work that needs to be done

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