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Support private endpoint creation in Azure


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    • openshift-4.15
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    • OCPSTRAT-996 - Allow internal registry operator to configure a private storage endpoint on Azure
    • Sprint 234, Sprint 235, Sprint 243, Sprint 244, Sprint 245

      Story: As an image registry developer, I want to be able to programmatically create a private endpoint in Azure without having to worry about explicitly creating the supporting objects, so that I can easily enable support for private storage accounts in Azure.


      When the registry is in private mode:

      • Private endpoint is created in Azure
      • Private DNS zone is created in Azure
      • Record Set (type A) is created in Azure
      • Private DNS Zone Group is created in Azure
      • Virtual Network Link is created between Private Endpoint and VNet
      • Configuring the registry to use a private endpoint, then setting it to "Removed" should delete the private endpoint from Azure.


      • No documentation is needed at this point


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