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As an image registry user I want to push and pull (docker/podman/skopeo copy) a manifest by sha so that I can make it part of a manifest list


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    • OCPSTRAT-629 - Initial Manifest list support for multi-architecture environments
    • Sprint 228, Sprint 229, Sprint 230, Sprint 231


      • Pushing a manifest list to the image registry should result in an image stream created for the manifest list
      • Image objects should be created for the manifest list, as well as all of its sub-manifests
      • The Image object for the manifest list should contain references to all of its sub-manifests under the dockerImageManifests field
      • Pulling a sub-manifest of a manifest list by digest should work when the user has access to the image stream



      • When a manifest is pushed by sha an Image object should be created
      • You can use `skopeo copy` with the `--all` flag to push a manifest list and all its sub-manifests to the registry
      • Authorization needs to work the same they do for images created via imagestreamimport

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