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Document known limitation: `oc adm prune images` will prune manifest lists when only its sub-manifest(s) are referenced


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    • OCPSTRAT-629 - Initial Manifest list support for multi-architecture environments
    • Sprint 232, Sprint 233

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Documentation that users should reference a manifest list either by tag or digest. Sub-manifests should never be referenced directly [by digest].

      How to observe the limitation (on OCP 4.13 nightly)

      1: Expose your registry and login to it with skopeo:

      oc patch configs.imageregistry.operator.openshift.io/cluster --patch '{"spec":{"defaultRoute":true}}' --type=merge
      REGISTRY=$(oc get route default-route -n openshift-image-registry --template='{{ .spec.host }}')
      skopeo login -u kubeadmin -p 'sha256~<token>' --tls-verify=false $REGISTRY

      2: Create a new project and copy a multi-arch image to it (this will auto-create an image stream for you):

      oc new-project myapp
      skopeo copy --dest-tls-verify=false -a docker://docker.io/library/busybox:1.34.0 docker://$REGISTRY/myapp/busybox:latest
      oc get is busybox -ojsonpath="{.status}"

      3: Get the amd64 sub-manifest image reference and create a workload using it (this is the part customers SHOULD NOT do - instead they should point to the manifest list)

      IMG=$(oc get images $(oc get istag busybox:latest -ojsonpath="{.image.dockerImageManifests[0].digest}") -ojsonpath="{.dockerImageReference}")
      cat <<EOF | oc apply -f -
      apiVersion: batch/v1
      kind: CronJob
        name: hello
        schedule: "* * * * *"
                - name: hello
                  image: $IMG
                  imagePullPolicy: Always
                  - /bin/sh
                  - -c
                  - date; echo Hello from the OpenShift cluster
                restartPolicy: OnFailure

      4: Override the "latest" tag on the busybox image stream:

      skopeo copy --dest-tls-verify=false -a docker://docker.io/library/busybox:1.35.0 docker://$REGISTRY/myapp/busybox:latest
      oc get is busybox -ojsonpath="{.status}" # you will see two entries now

      5: Run the pruner (NOTE! this will remove all but one tag event for all image streams in your cluster, make sure you're using a throw-away cluster!):

      oc adm prune images --registry-url=$REGISTRY --all=true --keep-younger-than=5m --keep-tag-revisions=1 --loglevel=4 --confirm

      6: Watch your job start failing:

      oc get pods # you might need to wait up to a minute until any failures start happening

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