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Manifest lists support



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      Blocked on key merges for this work waiting on API Server rebase to be completed.

      Blocked on key merges for this work waiting on API Server rebase to be completed.


      Epic Goal

      • Support manifest lists by image streams and the integrated registry. Clients should be able to pull/push manifests lists from/into the integrated registry. They also should be able to import images via `oc import-image` and them pull them from the internal registry.

      Why is this important?

      • Manifest lists are becoming more and more popular. Customers want to mirror manifest lists into the registry and be able to pull them by digest.


      1. Manifest lists can be pushed into the integrated registry
      2. Imported manifests list can be pulled from the integrated registry
      3. Image triggers work with manifest lists

      Acceptance Criteria

      • CI - MUST be running successfully with tests automated
      • Release Technical Enablement - Provide necessary release enablement details and documents.
      • Existing functionality shouldn't change its behavior

      Dependencies (internal and external)

      1. ...

      Previous Work (Optional)

      1. https://github.com/openshift/enhancements/blob/master/enhancements/manifestlist/manifestlist-support.md

      Open questions

      1. Can we merge creation of images without having the pruner?

      Done Checklist

      • CI - CI is running, tests are automated and merged.
      • Release Enablement <link to Feature Enablement Presentation>
      • DEV - Upstream code and tests merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Upstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR or GitHub Issue>
      • DEV - Downstream build attached to advisory: <link to errata>
      • QE - Test plans in Polarion: <link or reference to Polarion>
      • QE - Automated tests merged: <link or reference to automated tests>
      • DOC - Downstream documentation merged: <link to meaningful PR>


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