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Add support of OCI images to image pruner


    • Sprint 191, Sprint 192, Sprint 193

      User Story

      As a user of OpenShift
      I want the image pruner to be aware of OCI images
      So that it doesn't delete their layers/configs

      Acceptance Criteria

        • When
          • an OCI image is pushed/mirrored to the registry
          • an schema 2 image is pushes/mirrored to the registry and share its layers/config with the OCI image
          • the schema 2 image is eligible to be pruned
          • the shared layers/config are not shared with other images
        • the pruner
          • will delete the schema 2 image
          • will NOT delete the OCI image and its layers/config

      Launch Checklist

      Dependencies identified
      Blockers noted and expected delivery timelines set
      Design is implementable
      Acceptance criteria agreed upon
      Story estimated


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      Guiding Questions

      User Story

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      • What experience level is this intended for? New, experienced, etc.?
      • Why is this story important? What problems does this solve? What benefit(s) will the customer experience?
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      Acceptance Criteria

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      • Are there any prerequisites for using/enabling the feature?


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      • Are there any recommended best practices when using this feature?
      • On feature completion, are there any known issues that customers should be aware of?

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