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Send metric when HO/CPO decide to skip cloud resource deletion


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      We currently convey cloud creds issues in ValidOIDCConfiguration and ValidAWSIdentityProvider conditions.

      The HO relies on those https://github.com/openshift/hypershift/blob/9e4127055dd7be9cfe4fc8427c39cee27a86efcd/hypershift-operator/controllers/hostedcluster/internal/platform/aws/aws.go#L293

      to decide if forcefully deletion should be applied and so potentially intentionally leaving resources behind in cloud. (E.g. use case: oidc creds where broken out of band).

      The CPO relies on those to wait for deletion of guest cluster resources https://github.com/openshift/hypershift/blob/8596f7f131169a19c6a67dc6ce078c50467de648/control-plane-operator/controllers/hostedcontrolplane/hostedcontrolplane_controller.go#L284-L299


      When any of the cases above results in the "move kube deletion forward skipping cloud resource deletion" path we should send a metric so consumers / SREs have a sense and can use it to notify customers in conjunction with https://issues.redhat.com/browse/SDA-8613


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