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Ensure relevant HyperShift metrics are sent to telemetry


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      There are a number of questions that we want answered about HyperShift running standalone or managed:

      Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RdFLy1PWVDRGLsPSMbhTFNY3u9tccy11vk_YZDegdBQ/edit?usp=sharing

      Adoption Metrics

      Mainly we want to understand who is adopting us, and by how much?

      • How many installs per customer (i.e., how many mgmt clusters)?
      • How many hosted clusters per install (i.e., per management cluster)?
      • Which Infrastructure?
      • How many Hosted Clusters?
      • How many HyperShiftDeployments?
      • How many Add-ons?
      • How many nodePools?
      • How many Autoscaling?
      • How many AutoRepair?
      • HC configs?

      Usage Metrics

      Mainly trying to answer “How we are being used, and where?”, more specific questions we should try to answer: 

      • Do customers create hosted clusters directly or use MCE’s HCD (day 2)?
      • What infrastructures are in use by HyperShift? 
      • Do we have a scale limit of some sort? How do we know if we reach that limit?
      • From creation to cluster, where do customers struggle the most? 

      Impact Metrics, Examples

      HyperShift is doing greater good to the business. How do we measure that?  How much cost savings are we introducing? How does this reduction impact Total Cost of Ownership? Examples of questions to think about: 

      • How much does operating 1 Hosted Control Plane (HCP) cost? 
      • Reduce footprint/control-plane
      • Memory/CPU/Storage/Network per CP, how far can we get down?

      Health Metrics

      This is really about validating whether HyperShift works as expected 

      • Percentage of Healthy cluster installs?
      • Percentage of NodePool failures?
      • Leading causes for failures?
      • API errors, why? 
      • Throughput or Data loss?

      We need to ensure that the HyperShift operator is producing the metrics that will answer these questions and that the metrics are being sent/consumed by telemetry.

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