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Display deployment "status" attribute on deployment list


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      on deployment view, it shows the "enabled" attribute for
      deployments, but if the deploy failed for some reason (status=false)
      the user only sees the 404 http error code when he tries to access the

      Also the "ok" mark (icon) on the deploy view, lead to user think the
      deploy was ok

      I propose to add the deploy "status" attribute besides the "enabled"
      attribute, but only if the status is failed. An example is attached.

      I know the image is horrible, but it shows the proposal. It is
      important to show it in the list view and not in the attribute list
      below them, because the failed deployments should be quickly visible
      in web console.

            rhn-support-hbraun Heiko Braun
            cmiranda@redhat.com Claudio Miranda
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