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RunAs after switching roles results in an error


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      bstansberry: scenario: you log in and are a SuperUser
      [2:57pm] bstansberry: you click on your name and choose the "Run As" pulldown and select, say "Deployer"
      [2:59pm] bstansberry: then you want to act in a different role. Either stop the "Run As" and go back to your normal role, or e.g. run as Maintainer
      [2:59pm] bstansberry: so you click on your name and on the pull down there's a link that says "Run As Deployer"
      [2:59pm] bstansberry: if you click on that it results in an error
      [2:59pm] bstansberry: at minimum the link shouldn't be active if it won't work
      [3:00pm] bstansberry: ideally, it shoud work, and the dialogue should include an option that lets you just clear all Run As roles and go back to whatever your normal roles are
      [3:01pm] bstansberry: your Run As roles are really just some state cached in the client and sent with each request so I don't think it should require a logout to clear or change them

            hpehl@redhat.com Harald Pehl
            hpehl@redhat.com Harald Pehl
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