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role names seem to be case insensitive but Roles tab of the console assumes they are ALLCAPS


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      Not sure if I should log this here or not, I'm testing RBAC in the console for EAP6.2 ER3 for docs purposes. I set the security level to JBoss Internal for that reason.

      Basically I seem to be able to assign a user a role using the CLI/XML and the case of the rolename doesn't seem to matter. However in at least one place the console seems to assume that all rolenames are ALLCAPS, except SuperUser, which is UpperCamelCase.

      So for example I create a user `harold` and assign him the role of Operator as such:

      [standalone@localhost:9999 access=authorization] ./role-mapping=Operator:add
      {"outcome" => "success"}
      [standalone@localhost:9999 access=authorization] ./role-mapping=Operator/include=harold:add(type=USER, name=harold)
      {"outcome" => "success"}
      [standalone@localhost:9999 access=authorization] 

      When I login as harold he does seem to have the correct permissions for an operator, and the popover on the top left lists OPERATOR as his role.

      When I login with an administrator user, I can see harold on the Users tab of `Administration/Role Assignment` with the assigned role of `Operator`

      However if I go to the Roles tab, select Operator and Click Members I get the following error:

      Unexpected HTTP response: 500
          "address" => [
              ("core-service" => "management"),
              ("access" => "authorization"),
              ("role-mapping" => "OPERATOR")
          "recursive-depth" => "2",
          "operation" => "read-resource"
      Internal Server Error
          "outcome" => "failed",
          "failure-description" => "JBAS014807: Management resource '[
          (\"core-service\" => \"management\"),
          (\"access\" => \"authorization\"),
          (\"role-mapping\" => \"OPERATOR\")
      ]' not found",
          "rolled-back" => true

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