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R&D Application hooks


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      As an admin, I want to apply configurations on the cluster prior to creation of each Argo CD Application with ApplicationSets so that I can set up what the Argo CD Application instance requires automatically together with the Argo CD Application.

      Many OpenShift customers provision namespaces for their dev teams and configure quotas, limit ranges, node selectors, etc on those namespaces. Dev Teams are admins to the content of the namespace but not the namespace itself and hence are not allowed to modify the node selector, limit ranges, etc. In order for these customers to be able to use ApplicationSets to generate an Argo CD application for each namespace owned by a dev team, they need a way to automatically create the respective namespace with the desired configurations (quotas, limit ranges, etc)

      In this use-case, the dev teams that are the owner of the Git repo that an Application syncs to a namespace should not be able to override the hooks that the admin has provided for that Application (e.g. removing the hook that sets resource quota in the dev teams namespace)

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Design is in place for defining actions to be performed on the cluster before or after creating an Argo CD Application when using ApplicationSets (or Application individually)

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