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KAM: Route resource in newly created service causes failure in CI checks when pushed to Git


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      kam service add command generates a config file which contains sample Nginx service manifests.

      When the newly created service is pushed to GitHub, the CI checks fail, particularly in the apply source task. This behavior was observed while working with GitHub, Enterprise GitLab and sometimes with GitLab repositories. CI checks pass when route resource is removed and changes are pushed

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Perform day1 operations
      2. Create a new environment and run kam service add command as directed in day2 operations
      3. Resources are generated by default in environments/new-env/apps/app-bus/services/bus/base/config
      4. Push the changes to your source repository and check the pipeline run from the Administrator view in your cluster


      Delete route resource from newly created environment and push the changes

      Acceptance Criteria

      The CI pipeline should be successful when changes are pushed to source repository after creating a new service

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