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Namespace in 'Terminating' state prevents new managed Argo CD namespaces from being deployed to by Argo CD - 1.4.12


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    • A terminating Argo CD managed namespace blocks the creation of roles and other configuration of other managed namespaces, This issue is now fixed using this JIRA.
    • GITOPS Sprint 224

      This bug occurs when you are using namespace-scoped Argo CD via OpenShift GitOps (e.g. using 'argocd.argoproj.io/managed-by' label on Namespaces).

      If you have a managed namespace with the 'argocd.argoproj.io/managed-by' label, and that Namespace is in the process of being deleted ('Terminating'), it prevents any other managed Namespace from being created.

      This is likely due to this error reported in the GitOps Operator logs (in 'openshift-operators'):

      1.6595423332492905e+09	INFO	controller.argocd	Reconciling ArgoCD	{"reconciler group": "argoproj.io", "reconciler kind": "ArgoCD", "name": "gitops-service-argocd", "namespace": "gitops-service-argocd", "namespace": "gitops-service-argocd", "name": "gitops-service-argocd"}
      1.6595423332494762e+09	INFO	controller_argocd	reconciling SSO
      1.6595423332548385e+09	INFO	controller_argocd	reconciling status
      1.6595423332776158e+09	INFO	controller_argocd	reconciling roles
      1.6595423332777078e+09	INFO	openshift_controller_argocd	configuring policy rule for Application Controller	{"ArgoCD Namespace": "gitops-service-argocd", "ArgoCD Name": "gitops-service-argocd"}
      1.65954233328251e+09	INFO	openshift_controller_argocd	configuring policy rule for Application Controller	{"ArgoCD Namespace": "gitops-service-argocd", "ArgoCD Name": "gitops-service-argocd"}
      1.6595423332867372e+09	INFO	controller_argocd	creating role gitops-service-argocd-argocd-application-controller for Argo CD instance gitops-service-argocd in namespace gitops-service-argocd
      1.659542333289296e+09	ERROR	controller.argocd	Reconciler error	{"reconciler group": "argoproj.io", "reconciler kind": "ArgoCD", "name": "gitops-service-argocd", "namespace": "gitops-service-argocd", "error": "roles.rbac.authorization.k8s.io \"gitops-service-argocd-argocd-application-controller\" is forbidden: unable to create new content in namespace jane because it is being terminated"}
      [jgw@localhost-lan tmp]$ 

      This bug occurs because the argocd-operator code should not be creating managed role/rolebindings in Namespaces that are in 'Terminating' state.

      Reproduced with public OpenShift GitOps v1.6.0 release.

      Steps to reproduce:


      • Ensure OpenShift GitOps is installed onto cluster (for example, a cluster bot cluster)

      1) Install namespace-scoped Argo CD:

      kubectl create ns gitops-service-argocd
      kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/redhat-appstudio/infra-deployments/main/components/gitops/staging/argo-cd.yaml
      kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/redhat-appstudio/infra-deployments/main/components/gitops/staging/allow-argocd-to-manage.yaml

      2) Create a Namespace managed by Argo CD.

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Namespace
        name: jane
          argocd.argoproj.io/managed-by: gitops-service-argocd

      3) Create 'ConfigMap' with a finalizer, in Namespace.

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: ConfigMap
        name: my-config-map-2
        namespace: jane
        - some.random/finalizer
      data: {}

      4) Delete the 'Namespace', putting it into 'Terminating' state. The Namespace will never finish deleting, due to the finalizer on the 'ConfigMap'.

      kubectl delete namespace jane

      5) Finally, attempt to create a new managed 'Namespace'

      apiVersion: v1
      kind: Namespace
        name: john
          argocd.argoproj.io/managed-by: gitops-service-argocd

      The 'john' Namespace never becomes managed by Argo CD: the Argo CD RoleBinding SHOULD be created (that gives Argo CD access to the 'john' namespace) is never created.

      Likewise, if you attempt to deploy into the 'john' Namespace using an Argo CD Application, the Application status field will show an error like:
      'Namespace "e2e-test-bktg" for (...) "build-suite-test-component-git-source-sbfh" is not managed'
      (because the OpenShift GitOps operator has not created the RoleBinding that allows Argo CD to target this namespace)

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