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Productize & build Argo CD v2.3 and appropriate tooling


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      For the release of GitOps v1.5, we agreed to ship with Argo CD v2.3 (to be released late January/early February) and ApplicationSet v0.3.z

      This epic is tracking the tasks and stories required to deliver Argo CD v2.3 properly - including updates to tooling - with GitOps v1.5.0.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • All changes in the upstream container image that are relevant for downstream have been incorporated in our build process
      • We build & ship downstream build of Argo CD v2.3 with proper tooling:
        • Helm version matching upstream
        • Kustomize version matching upstream
      • Build is verified by running Argo CD end-to-end tests against it

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