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[Spike] Investigate how to enable customers to visualize gitops metrics in Grafana


    • GITOPS Sprint 211

      There appears to be interest from users to be able to visualize argocd application metrics provided by Gitops operator in Grafana

      Upstream argocd-operator currently allows users to create a dedicated grafana instance by setting `spec.grafana.enabled` to `true` in the argo-cd CR. 
      It was decided that we did not want to support this in the gitops-operator. Hence, we should investigate and propose steps/instructions detailing alternative ways for users to visualize the desired metrics using their existing grafana instances or using the community Grafana operator

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Create a doc detailing findings for available options to leverage Grafana to visualize gitops metrics on openshift¬†

            jrao@redhat.com Jaideep Rao
            jrao@redhat.com Jaideep Rao
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