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Publish GitOps User Document to GitHub


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      The dev team maintains a well written usage guide to include up-to-date features.  However, it is limited to internal use.   There is a good amount of delay before features can be documented in official OpenShift docs.   SAs and customers are having difficult time to use new features because the lack of doc coverage. 


      We should review/update the internal usage guide to make sure that it is complete and accurate.    We should publish it to GitHub e.g. https://github.com/redhat-developer/gitops-operator

      Once we publish usage guide to GitHub, we should only maintain the copy of doc in GitHub.   We should look into doc hosting partner like https://readthedocs.org/ which can maintain different release version of docs.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Publish internal usage guide to GitHub
      • Use doc hosting e.g. https://readthedocs.org/ to improve doc style and support multi-version (ok to note version in the doc).

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