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Display health information for OCP resources in OpenShift DevConsole



    • Display health information for OCP resources in OpenShift DevConsole
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      We show several resources in the lower half of the card.   Not all of these resources have healthy status but all of them have sync status.

      Now that Routes has a health state, we need to capture this.  We also want to use this epic as well to 'fix' up the original design we had originally - We only showed one status icon for the resource, which is a broken heart. to represent the resource health and sync status. eg. if the user sees this icon, he/she can then go to Argo CD to check what is specifically wrong with the resource(s).

      What we should do now is to show both the broken heart for Degraded resources (excluding Progressing, Missing, and Unknown), and a new yellow yield sign for out of sync resources.

      So for those resources that do not have a health status, then the broken heart will never be shown.

      See GitOpsResourceSection

      Acceptance criteria

      • For healthy and sync'ed resources, no icons will be displayed
      • For degraded resources, the broken heart will be displayed
      • For out of sync resources, the yellow yield icon will be displayed
      • Tool tip for the out of sync resource can say "x of y OutOfSync"


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