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Red Hat CodeReady Studio 12.21.3.GA available for QE testing


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    • 11.13.0
    • 11.13.0
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      These are not FINAL bits, but preliminary results for QE & community testing. Not for redistribution to customers or end users.

      REMINDER: The master branch is frozen until QE approves this build [usually by EOD Tuesday, GMT+5],
      in order to provide the option of a respin.

      Installer jar:

      New + Noteworthy (subject to change):

      Schedule: https://issues.jboss.org/projects/JBDS?selectedItem=com.atlassian.jira.jira-projects-plugin:release-page

      Additional update sites & zips:

      Target platform:

      Discovery sites:

      SHA256 sums:

      • d0ca2523b533e8e0e0a1f2a34ecfcba4e2ba4ab71a693ae11bc80698479ac7fb codereadystudio-12.21.3.GA-v20220127-1221-B485-installer-standalone.jar
      • 65f5bd764581f67795a1e69762ff596f6be6ba980425690930ee3e8ef267ad15 codereadystudio-12.21.3.GA-v20220127-1221-B485-updatesite-core.zip
      • d1e9a8d2af4f3a508a9a05d6f30a09c80732098111ce85ae38e6234bd0d74339 codereadystudio-12.21.3.GA-v20220127-1221-B485-updatesite-central.zip

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