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text changes - New Fuse Integration Project Wizard, Pages 2 and 3


    • Type: Enhancement
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    • Priority: Minor
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    • Affects Version/s: 10.3.0.AM2
    • Fix Version/s: 10.3.0.AM3, 10.3.0
    • Component/s: Wizards
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      Based on Fuse Tooling Nightly Build: 10.3.0v20180316

      I recommend the following text changes to the New Fuse Integration Project Wizard.

      Page 2 "Select a Target Runtime"

      1) Edit the intro sentence at the top from:
      "Please select a target runtime to deploy your new proejct to."
      replace with:
      "Select a target environment for deploying your new project."

      2) The headings for each selection should be consistent. Currently two are questions and one is a directive:

      Where are you deploying?
      Which runtime do you want?
      Select the Camel version for your new project

      I recommend that we at least make them parallel with each other (all questions or all directives). To be consistent with other wizards change to:

      Choose your deployment platform
      Specify the runtime environment
      Select the Camel version

      Page 3 "Advanced Project Setup":

      1) Do "templates" and "examples" mean the same thing on this page? if so, then use only one term consistently on this page (template or example, not both)

      2) Edit the intro sentence at the top
      a) Remove "Please"

      b) Move the informational note at the bottom of the list to the top

      Change: "Please select how you would like to setup your project."
      To: "Select a template to use to set up your new project.
      This list of templates is filtered by the environment that you selected in the previous page."

      3) Replace "What would you like to do?" (which is too vague) with: "Select a template for your new project."

      4) change "I" to "you" (to be consistent the rest of the wizard) and change "examples" to "templates"
      a) in the "Where can I find more examples?" link on page 3
      b) In the title of the pop-up message box

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