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Inconsistent deploy behaviour for projects created by Fuse Integration Project wizard


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      delete the target folder before deployment

      delete the target folder before deployment


      If you create a project using our new project wizard it generates a project which has a custom MANIFEST.MF in the src/main/resources/META-INF folder. We even customize the symbolic name and bundle name on creation to map it better with the eclipse project name.

      If you now deploy that bundle to a Fuse Runtime it will create a jar from whats in src (also the MANIFEST).

      If you now build that maven project with Maven (inside or outside Eclipse) then it generates the artifacts jar file in target with a generated MANIFEST.MF instead of our shipped Manifest, so the naming of Bundle-Name and Bundle-SymbolicName differs.

      If you then deploy that project it uses the generated artifact jar under target containing the other MANIFEST. Now the Bundle-SymbolicName is not matching and it causes issues in the worst case.

      We should use the same MANIFEST.MF always or at least prioritize the one under src/main/resources/META-INF. Maybe we can adapt the maven-bundle-plugin to pickup our existing manifest instead of generating it.

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