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UIContext - Allow to open a file on a specific element / line number


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      [12:19:40] <davsclaus> gastaldi thanks for the open file - it works nicely
      [12:19:41] <davsclaus> https://github.com/fabric8io/fabric8-forge/blob/49efd47241fbe1805d5fc42184be1a9ec63512d3/addons/camel/src/main/java/io/fabric8/forge/camel/commands/project/CamelNewCamelContextXmlCommand.java#L194
      [12:19:56] <davsclaus> one thing I would like to be able to do is to position the cursor on a specific element / line
      [12:20:02] <davsclaus> currently the cursor is open on line 1
      [12:20:12] <davsclaus> eg typically in a license header in the file etc
      [12:20:32] <@gastaldi> Ah
      [12:20:32] <davsclaus> i would like to set the cursor to a newly created class / method / field etc
      [12:20:45] <davsclaus> or in a .properties file / plain file - to say line 35 etc
      [12:21:00] <@gastaldi> Hm I think that's doable. Can you @issue it?

            rhn-support-ggastald George Gastaldi
            cibsen@redhat.com Claus Ibsen
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