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Command-completion is slow


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      Type "comm"; press TAB. Wait ~2 seconds for UI to respond.

      Type "comm"; press TAB. Wait ~2 seconds for UI to respond.

      When typing e.g. "comm" and hitting Tab, it takes approximately 2 seconds for the command-completion to kick in and make suggestions/complete the command.

      I have written about it already here: https://developer.jboss.org/message/960679#960679
      Not sure what best to provide to make analysis easier. I am also Ok with debugging it myself if there maybe is a pointer in the right direction where to look into.

      Regarding the questions in the forum post:

      • I did not run any previous commands; it was this way from the beginning. I also deleted the ~/.forge folder to start afresh. Same issue
      • I used the forge console from within eclipse and from the cmd. Both the same.
      • I am using the 3.2.3 Final version

      I have attached a screenshot of the jvisualvm sampler. Steps i did:
      1. Type "com"
      2. Start sampler
      3. Type "TAB"
      4. Wait for command-completion
      5. Stop sampler

      It took approximately ~2 seconds for the command-compeltion to respond. it seems the extensive checks like DefaultFileOperations.fileExists are a big part of it as it accumlates to ~1 seconds which sound much.

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