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Trigger follow-up actions to other commands


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      It would be great to have a way to suggest a "follow-up" action after a certain command was run.


      I run the JPA setup command to enable JPA, and I'm using a graphical UI such as the Eclipse wizard.
      After selecting Hibernate as JPA provider and having picked the versions, the next page should ask "do you want to add Hibernate Search as well?" and show the relevant input questions from the Hibernate Search Forge plugin.

      The complexity is that the Hibernate Search Forge plugin should ideally be maintained as a separate plugin from the JPA one.

      Also when running the "Hibernate Search: Setup" command the cancel button should only avoid adding Search, but when run as triggered by the JPA command it should allow to skip the step without cancelling all of the JPA setup operations.

      We have many more extension points which would benefit from such a model.

      The important aspect is that we should present the option - at least to GUI users - rather than expecting them to know what to type next: the meta goal is to make sure that projects which qualify for something (i.e. you're using Hibernate) might not know of our other extension points and we need to encourage people to try them out.

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