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Use <h:graphicImage> instead of <img> in JSF scaffolding


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      In the JSF scaffolding, it would be better to use the JSF <h:graphicImage> instead of <img> (to have a more JSF consistent code). There are two pages that would need to get changed :

      In the pageTemplate.xhtml, we should replace

      <img src='#{resource["forge-logo.png"]}' alt="Forge... get hammered" border="0" />

      With :

      <h:graphicImage value="#{resource['forge-logo.png']}" alt="Forge... get hammered" border="0" />

      In the error.xhtml, we should replace

      <img src='#{resource["jboss-community.png"]}' alt="JBoss and JBoss Community" width="254" height="31" border="0" />

      With :

      <h:graphicImage value="#{resource['jboss-community.png']}" alt="JBoss and JBoss Community" width="254" height="31" border="0" />

      Add add xmlns:h="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html" to the namespaces.

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