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In commands there are several targetXXX attributes, some are confusing


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      At the moment commands deal with different targetXXX attributes. Some are easy to understand but some are confusing. We have :

      • targetClass : this mostly targets a Java class
      • targetDirectory : used in GitCloneCommand, for example, but also in NewEJBCommand or FacesNewBean (which relate to Java code and should then be targetPackage)
      • targetEJB : used in EJBSetClassTransactionAttributeCommand, it should just be targetClass that filter EJBs
      • targetEntity : used in JPANewFieldWizard or JPANewNamedQueryCommand, it should just be targetClass that filter Entities
      • targetFolder : used in CopyCommand and MoveCommand but is fine like that because this parameter is not visible to the user
      • targetLocation : is mostly used when a project doesn't exist, but it is also used in JPANewEntityCommand
      • targetPackage : for a Java class
      • targetResource : used in CopyCommand and MoveCommand but it's not visible for the user
      • targetSuperClass : used in JavaNewMethodCommand to target the super class, as there is already a targetClass attribute, but it should maybe be type
      • targetTypes : used in CDINewStereotype command, it should be types like most commands

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