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Being able to use ~ as the top level package root directory


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      In Forge 1.x there was this notion of project root (with ~) but also the top level package root (with {}). So we could write something like that :

      new-project --named test --topLevelPackage com.mycomp.myproj
      java new-class --named Test --package ~.constraints
      Wrote com.mycomp.myproj.constraints.Test.java

      With the --package .constraints paramater, it will create a class under com.mycomp.myproj.constraints because {} represents the top level package com.mycomp.myproj.

      This is not possible with Forge 2.x. The same code in Forge 2.x produces the following exception :

      project-new --named test --topLevelPackage com.mycomp.myproj
      java-new-class --named Test --targetPackage ~.constraints
      Exception when parsing/running: java-new-class --named Test6 --targetPackage ~.constraints, Invalid identifier : >~<

      When writing Forge scripts, it's much easier and reusable to be able to use the ~ represents the top level package.

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