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The first experience for a new contributor should be easier



      First experience:

      1. Go to forge.jboss.org
      2. Scroll down to "Get Involved"
      3. Click on "Improve Forge Code"
      4. Land on GitHub
      5. Uh, um, what now guys?

      The current workflow seems to expect people to
      meta: Know how to use git
      1. know how to get code
      2. know which workflow to follow
      3. know which repository of the 54 current repositories in the organization to use.

      Next, assuming I'm still with you, and found the repository I want to contribute to, there may or may not be a CONTRIBUTING file in the repo. In the case of core, if I click the CONTRIBUTING file, it tells me to look at the README file if I want to contribute to Forge 2. Why wouldn't I want to contribute to Forge 2? What's Forge 1? Why should I contribute there? I'm so confused. After skimming the README file on Core, it doesn't have any information about contributing that I would expect. I see how to create tests, how to create an addon, etc. All good info, but you're still assuming I understand what I'm doing, AND that I'm writing an addon. If I'm not doing that, I'm left out in the cold.

      All of this sort of info should be on the main site. If I'm building an addon, and I click on the "Build an Addon" link I'm sent to http://forge.jboss.org/document/develop-an-addon, which is great (It's just the README from the repo it looks like, but it gives me info I need to know), aside from the small text.

      I would expect the "Improve Forge Code" to go to another page on the Forge website with information about how to down the code, walk me through the workflow, and basically get me all setup to contribute.

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