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jpa-new-field should generate constructor with not null attributes


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      When a field is not nullable (either with @Column(nullable=false) or with a @NotNull constraint) it would be helpful to generate a constructor with all the needed not null values (and a default constructor).

      For example, here, I generate an Address entity with not null street1 and city. It would be good to generate a default constructor + another one with these two needed attributes :

      public class Address implements Serializable
         @Column(length = 50, nullable = false)
         @Size(min = 5, max = 50)
         private String street1;
         @Column(length = 50, nullable = false)
         @Size(min = 2, max = 50)
         private String city;
         public Address()
         public Address(String street1, String city)
            this.street1 = street1;
            this.city = city;

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