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Being able to generate methods


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      See thread discussion on : https://community.jboss.org/thread/240936

      Until now, Forge creates classes (e.g. jpa-new-entity, cdi-new-bean, java-new-class), annotations (cdi-new-qualifier, constraint-new-annotation...), attributes (jpa-new-field, java-new-field...) but nowhere Forge creates methods. This could make sense in most of the artifacts (EJBs, CDI bean, Java, but also JPA).

      Something like :

      ejb-new-method --named findById --return org.agoncal.model.Author --parameters Long id
      ejb-new-method --named removeById --return void --parameters Long id
      ejb-new-method --named updateName --return org.agoncal.model.Author --parameters Long id, String name, String surname
      java-new-method --named doStuff --return String --parameters Integer p1, String p2, String p3

      We could go a bit further and specify methods. A jpa-new-method could bring lifecycle (e.g.
      @PostPersist, @PreRemove...), a cdi-new-method or ejb-new-method could bring lifecycle (@PostConstruct, @PreDestroy) ornInterceptor, but java-new-method doesn't bring any of those.

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