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ls command on an entity is not as clear


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      When I've created an entity and type the ls command, in Forge 1.x I have the following (in color) :

      [forge1] Talk.java $ ls
      private::Date::date;                  private::Long::id;                    private::String::description;         private::String::room;                private::String::title;
      public::equals(Object that)::boolean                                      public::getDate()::Date                                                   public::getDescription()::String
      public::getId()::Long                                                     public::getRoom()::String                                                 public::getTitle()::String
      public::getVersion()::int                                                 public::hashCode()::int                                                   public::setDate(final Date date)::void
      public::setDescription(final String description)::void                    public::setId(final Long id)::void                                        public::setRoom(final String room)::void
      public::setTitle(final String title)::void                                public::setVersion(final int version)::void                               public::toString()::String

      While in Forge 2.Beta I have :

      [Talk.java]$ ls
      date::Date                    getDate()::Date               getRoom()::String             hashCode()::int               setDate(Date)::void           setRoom(String)::void         title::String
      description::String           getDescription()::String      getTitle()::String            id::Long                      setDescription(String)::void  setTitle(String)::void        toString()::String
      equals(Object)::boolean       getId()::Long                 getVersion()::int             room::String                  setId(Long)::void             setVersion(int)::void         version::int

      Despite the Forge 1.x output being in color and not the Forge 2.Beta output (which always helps in readability), there is not separation between [fields] and [methods]

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