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Forge Scaffold Enhancements (Umbrella Issue)


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      General Requirements:

      • Generated pages must use only the standard facelets and JSF tag libraries: core/html/and facelets, targeting the Java EE 6 runtime
      • All generated pages should be accessible via HTTP GET requests and be fully bookmarkable.
      • If changes must be made in the Forge runtime/API to support these requirements, changes can be made if it makes technical sense to do so. It will likely be necessary to change the Scaffold-API.

      Specific Required Functionality:

      • Support generation of Create, View, Update, Delete pages for @Entity objects.
      • Represent and handle all JPA entity relationship bindings: @OneToOne @ManyToOne and @OneToMany, @ManyToMany classes, such that entities created can be selected on pages in which those entities are referenced by their "related" objects.
      • Support generation of "Finder" methods for entities "findByNameAndAddress(String name, Address address)" and corresponding Finder pages for the User interface.

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