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    • OCPSTRAT-403 - Automated backups of etcd (local destination)
    • ETCD Sprint 239, ETCD Sprint 240

      Lastly to fulfill the retention policy (None, number of backups saved, or total size of backups), we can employ the following workflow:

      • Have another command e.g "prune-backups" cmd that runs prior to the "create-etcdbackup-cr" command that deletes existing backups per the retention policy.
      • The retention policy type can either be read from the `config.openshift.io/v1alpha1 Backup` CR
        • Or easier yet, the backup controller can pass set the retention policy arg in the CronJob template spec
      • This cmd is run before the cmd to create the etcdbackup CR. This could be done via an init container on the CronJob execution pod.
      • This would require the backup controller to populate the CronJob spec with the pvc name from the Backup spec that would allowing mounting the PV on the execution pod for pruning the backups in the init container.

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