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Enhanced INFO logging in the router


      The logs in the INFO level shall be enhanced with new log events to track the opening and closing of connections and the lifecycle of links within those connections.

      The relevant user is the operator or troubleshooter (Support, Engineering, etc.).

      The user shall be able, without needing to turn on full tracing, to learn the following from the router logs:

      • For each connection, when that connection was opened and when/why it was closed.
      • For each connection, the identity of the remote host, the vhost used, the user authenticated, and all property information about the remote host.
      • For each link, which connection the link is inside, the direction of message flow on the link, and the target and source address information for the link.
      • Upon link detach, the terminal metrics for the link (i.e. total count of deliveries and their respective final dispositions, etc.)

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