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ActiveMQ CPP (CMS) integration unit tests failures against A-MQ7 (sorted)



      This is a follow up to ENTMQBR-417 issue. Based on Timothy's finding on the CMS failing unit tests, following tests may indicate actual problems:

      2) test: N8activemq4test8openwire19OpenwireDurableTestE::testDurableConsumer (F) line: 74 activemq/test/DurableTest.cpp
      4) test: N8activemq4test8openwire22OpenwireMapMessageTestE::testEmptyMapSendReceive (F) line: 60 activemq/test/MapMessageTest.cpp
      5) test: N8activemq4test8openwire30OpenwireMessageCompressionTestE::testTextMessageCompression (F) line: 109 activemq/test/MessageCompressionTest.cpp
      6) test: N8activemq4test8openwire30OpenwireMessageCompressionTestE::testStreamMessageCompression (F) line: 221 activemq/test/MessageCompressionTest.cpp
      7) test: N8activemq4test8openwire37OpenWireMessageListenerRedeliveryTestE::testQueueSessionListenerExceptionDlq (E)
      8) test: N8activemq4test8openwire37OpenWireMessageListenerRedeliveryTestE::testTransactedQueueSessionListenerExceptionDlq (E)
      9) test: N8activemq4test8openwire24OpenwireQueueBrowserTestE::testQueueBrowserWith2Consumers (F) line: 192 activemq/test/QueueBrowserTest.cpp
      10) test: N8activemq4test8openwire28OpenWireRedeliveryPolicyTestE::testDLQHandling (E)
      11) test: N8activemq4test8openwire28OpenWireRedeliveryPolicyTestE::testRepeatedRedeliveryReceiveNoCommit (E
      12) test: N8activemq4test8openwire28OpenWireRedeliveryPolicyTestE::testRepeatedRedeliveryOnMessageNoCommit (E)
      13) test: N8activemq4test8openwire18OpenwireSimpleTestE::testMultipleConnections (F) line: 238 activemq/test/SimpleTest.cpp
      14) test: N8activemq4test8openwire18OpenwireSimpleTestE::testMultipleSessions (F) line: 274 activemq/test/SimpleTest.cpp
      15) test: N8activemq4test8openwire18OpenwireSimpleTestE::testReceiveAlreadyInQueue (F) line: 311 activemq/test/impleTest.cpp
      16) test: N8activemq4test8openwire18OpenwireSimpleTestE::testWithZeroConsumerPrefetchWithInFlightExpiration (E)
      17) test: N8activemq4test8openwire18OpenwireSimpleTestE::tesstStreamMessage (F) line: 354 activemq/test/openwire/OpenwireSimpleTest.cpp

      Related console transcript and broker logs may be found in the original issue.

      This may be considered as a regression from A-MQ 6.x broker where all the CMS units are passing.

      Marking as task as individual test shall be inspected and it should be decided whether it's a real AMQ7 broker issue or not. After the problem is identified is shall be treat as a separate issue. Also, marking this issue critical until the causes of the failures are identified and assessed appropriately.

      Note: There are more tests failing from the CMS unit tests then just the above listed (that's why the test failure numbers are not sequent), for more details please refer to the original issue ENTMQBR-417.

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